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Sharp End Publishing
Authentic guides from core climbers
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About Sharp End Publishing
Sharp End Publishing was founded in 1996 by Fred Knapp and Mike Stevens, with an initial focus on delivering affordable select guides to popular climbing areas. With the publication of the Indian Creek guide, Sharp End introduced full-color climbing books to the US market. The legendary Women of Climbing Calendar was introduced in 1998. Along the way, the Sharp End catalog has grown to include a comprehensive collection of guidebooks, with over 40 titles. Bouldering, roped climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities are currently available or in the works.

Sharp End is a company of climbers, for climbers, and provides a refreshing grassroots alternative to the current trend in the industry: large national publishing houses dabbling in suddenly hip outdoor titles, and cranking out lifeless formula books. We climb the routes in our books, and it shows.

Sharp End Publishing    PO Box 1613    Boulder, CO 80306    t: 303-444-2698    f: 303-413-9757